TESTIMONIALS from people who attended the performance

TELÚRICA Dance Integrated to the four natural elements




"Unique, wonderful. I just loved it, so beautiful!
 It was a gift that nourished my soul and my spirit with plenitude. The music, the moviments,  the images and the space she harmonises, took my senses higher, I was absorbed, as suspended in the air, in a dialogue with her ephemeral movements... until the time woke me up.´

 Margarita Cáceres Rosado, President of CID ‘ Internacional Dance Council of UNESCO- México.



´Bravo, bravo, bravo. There are no more words!´

Vicente Ubeda Hoyos, Artistic  Director of the UNESCO International Dance Research Congress 2009, Spain


"Spectacular. The evolucions she did with fire, with the beat of the music, just really surprised me. It was perfect, with a great professionalism. Through her intense expressivity, the public was walking toward a climax... on  a dance fully integrated into nature. "
Alonso Real. Dancer,  Mexico 




"Her art  moves and transforms people and places wherever she is."
Elaine Hodson, Alozaina, Espanha.





" Silvia's performance showed a human being, daring to exist respectfully among those forces of nature, interacting with them, and at the end dissolving in them.

I percieve "4 Elements" as a great artistic piece with a worldly purpose - it brings up theme of the relationship between human beings and natural forces, so important in industrial society now.
Julia Kulakova, professional dancer and dance/fitness/movement educator- New York Gypsy Dance - New York, NY





"Wonderful, the beauty on Silvia´s gestures made me cry; and also made me think of how much time we spend in our life seeking things that are not really important and overlook small things that really matter...
Malu Borges, architect, Curitiba, Brazil





"I still feel the expansion on me .. It feels better than Ayahuaska.´ 

Vanessa Bastet, artist Curitiba Brasil





"I was profoundly touched to find such a strong witness and celebration of this profound work.


I thank Silvia for so brightly allowing light to enter from “the time current coming from the future” and showing in her art a potential future path for all of us.

I pray that as many people as possible may experience her work, and the inspiration that I found there, and that we may joyfully take that path.


With all my power I am trying to live, everyday, what this performance meant to me."

Joe Brunner,
B.A.Honours Degree. Fine Arts. Norwich School of Art in East Anglia, England.